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THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE – Part 3 – Exposing Antifa, The Crypto-Radicals, And The Takedown Of Their Agenda

Unmasking Antifa

The ideology of communism and the people who participated in the ‘revolutionary’ communist movements of the 60s and 70s, are tied to the highest levels of the Democrat party, including the Senate, Congress, Federal Agencies and even the White House. They have placed themselves in positions of influence to radicalize the youth through our educational institutions, media and Hollywood. They’ve also become lawyers, judges, non-profit and community organizers and corporate policy makers to help protect their fresh faced pawns. These pawns are instructed to use violence by any means necessary to take down the opposition in an attempt to seize power of the only free nation in the world, the United States of America.

Communists in America are trying to overrun the system with victimology, bureaucracy, and chaos, so that the system collapses and you think you have no choice but to turn to their version of government. Slowly, but surely they have succeeded at chipping away at America’s right to freedom and prosperity for decades. But one of the main aggressors of this ideology is Antifa.

The facts from this article will debunk any narrative that Antifa is just a small bunch of like-minded anti-fascists without a central organization. Their tangled web of bad actors has been weaving for decades. This is not just a group of thugs causing chaos, this is a well structured machine that even implicates former President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.

Antifa Then and Now

In the 1920’s, members of an international organization based out of the Soviet Union called ‘Communist International‘ (Comintern), controlled and financed the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). In the 1930’s, members of Germany’s Communist Party went on to start their own organization called Antifaschistische Aktion (Anti-Fascist Action). They were originally used by Germany’s Communist Party for activist campaigns which they described as a “red united front under the leadership of the only anti-fascist party, the KPD”. This is the same Antifa that is operating today.

By using the same pro-Communist and anti-Capitalist ideals from its past, Antifa seeks to bring about anarchy which would in-turn accelerate the destruction of the state with the goal of introducing a dictatorship of the proletariat – just like Marx dreamed of.

“The ability to manipulate people through violence and mass media has never been greater, and the potential for liberation for us as radicals has never been more exciting than now.”
– Dave Gilbert 1968 (Founding member SDS and Weathermen member)

DID YOU KNOW? Dave Gilbert’s son is Chesa Boudin. He is the District Attorney of San Fransisco since January 8, 2020. After Boudin’s parents were incarcerated in 1981 for the felony murders of two police officers and a security guard, he was adopted by fellow Weathermen members Bill Ayers, and Bernardine Dohrn.

Antifa’s Roots in American Universities

Communism and Anarchists go back centuries, but when did Antifa get a stronghold inside America? Marxists professors infiltrated our educational institutions from back in the 1950s, and just a decade later we started to see the rise of the ‘Students for a Democratic Society‘ (SDS). These organized students created chaos and destruction in the name of Socialism and Communism. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen an uprising of protests and riots that bring up a familiarity with events that took place in the 1960s. Organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have taken a page directly from the history books. Not only are these events similar, but those that participated in the past, are also involved in today’s movements.

In 1968, the protests/riots at Columbia University were motivated by the SDS narrative which pushed students to not attend the university because they ‘exploited black people’ and ‘helped develop weapons that were used to kill the Vietnamese’. Basically a student found out that Columbia had a weapons-research think tank affiliated with the U.S. Department of Defense, while at the same time, the University was constructing a Gymnasium that the SDS claimed discriminated against blacks. But what motivated the students was actually a manufactured exaggeration of what was really taking place.

One of the leaders of Columbia’s SDS, Marc Rudd, admitted that their demands at Columbia were based on an exaggeration and was testing other student’s reactions to see how easily they can manipulate an uprising. It was a training exercise for the SDS and the unassuming students were the useful idiots. So what was their goal? To eventually take over the United States using violence in the name of Socialism and Communism.

From The Boston Globe, Oct. 1, 1968 (also featured in the book Rebellion in the University“:

“Let me tell you. We manufactured the issues. The Institute for Defense Analysis is nothing at Columbia. Just three professors. And the gym issue is bull. It doesn’t mean anything to anybody. I had never been to the gym site before the demonstrations began. I didn’t even know how to get there.”

Here’s a video recorded interview with Marc Rudd:

Interviewer: “Is SDS, Mark, really interested in Columbia, or is it just a stepping stone? Are you concerned with something much bigger than Columbia? Why did you use Columbia, or did you use Columbia?”

Marc: “I say that neither is true, or both are true. What it is, is a training ground, or not only a training ground but one that has immediate relevance.”

From the Los Angeles Times December 22, 1968

At the height of the student rebellion at Columbia, an SDS leader was approached by worried moderates who objected to reported plans for using clubs and gasoline against the police. They were told very clearly “You liberals don’t understand what the scene is all about. It is about power and disruption, the more blood the better.”

Mark Rudd wrote to-then President of Columbia University, Grayson Kirk, “We will have to destroy at times, even violently, in order to end your power and your system… You call for order and respect for authority; we call for justice, freedom, and socialism.”

In 1968, there was an organization at Columbia called the ‘Student Afro-American Society‘ that was represented by an individual named H. Rap Brown. At the time, ‘Students for a Democratic Society‘ allied with the Afro-American society to help paralyze the University. Brown inspired an uprising of racial injustice protesters across the nation. Brown was also a known as a prominent radical Black Panther who was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. He is also known for telling a crowd of hundreds to get guns and “burn America down”. He is currently serving a life sentence for murder following the shooting of two Fulton County Sheriff’s deputies in 2000.

Is all of this starting to sound familiar?

The Weather Underground

The SDS morphed into the Weather Underground Organization in 1969. The FBI classified the Weather Underground as a domestic terrorist group. They were participants in the Anti-Vietnam War, Black Power, and New Communist movements. The Weather Underground took part in domestic attacks such as jailbreaks and bombing campaigns targeting government buildings and several banks.

Weathermen contained the vast majority of former SDS National Committee members, including Mark Rudd, David Gilbert and Bernardine Dohrn, who is now the Spouse of founding member Bill Ayers. Ayers played a part in the 1970 bombing of New York City Police Department headquarters, the 1971 bombing of the United States Capitol building, and the 1972 bombing of the Pentagon, amongst other things. After years of being on the run as a fugitive, Ayers turned himself in. Unfortunately he never served any time and was acquitted on a technicality due to tainted evidence from illegal wiretapping.

Weather Undergound’s Connection With Obama

Bill Ayers worked closely with Barack Obama at the beginning of his political career. In fact, Obama’s first run for the Illinois State Senate campaign was launched from Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s home in 1995. Obama claims that Ayers was just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” and “not somebody who I exchange ideas with on a regular basis.” But according to Stanley Kurtz, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Ayers and Obama’s relationship runs much deeper than that. According to Stanley Kurtz, Obama and Ayers pushed radicalism in schools together.

From the Wall Street Journal September 23, 2008
Despite having authored two autobiographies, Barack Obama has never written about his most important executive experience. From 1995 to 1999, he led an education foundation called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC), and remained on the board until 2001. The group poured more than $100 million into the hands of community organizers and radical education activists.
The CAC was the brainchild of Bill Ayers, a founder of the Weather Underground in the 1960… documents in the CAC archives make clear that Mr. Ayers and Mr. Obama were partners in the CAC. Those archives are housed in the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago and I’ve recently spent days looking through them.

In 1997, Freshly minted Senator Obama was asked what he was reading by The Chicago Tribune. Obama gave a glowing review for Ayers book ‘A Kind and Just Parent: The Children of Juvenile Court,’ in which Obama called it “a searing and timely account of the juvenile court system, and the courageous individuals who rescue hope from despair.”

In 1997, Obama and Ayers were both presenters on a panel at the University of Chicago about juvenile justice. The panel was organized by Michelle Obama, who was Associate Dean of Student Services and Director of the University Community Service Center at the time.

From the University of Chicago November 6, 1997:

Ayers will be joined by Sen. Barack Obama, Senior Lecturer in the Law School, who is working to combat legislation that would put more juvenile offenders into the adult system…

Obama and Ayers also served on the board of directors of the non-profit Woods Fund of Chicago. Obama served From 1994 to 2002, and Ayers served since 1999.

From the Wall Street Journal April 18, 2008

The Woods Charitable Fund of Chicago is a touchstone in the latest controversy swirling around Sen. Obama’s past associations. In this case, the association is with William Ayers, a 1970s radical turned college professor, whose tenure as a director of the charity overlapped with Sen. Obama’s…
[…] Sen. Clinton is correct that Sen. Obama once served as a director for the Woods Fund and that Mr. Ayers continues to; the post pays a $6,000 annual salary. The charity which is funded by an endowment valued in 2006 at $72 million, dispenses roughly $3 million a year to about 80 Chicago-based charities, most of which are involved in neighborhood development or education initiatives.

Obama and Ayers were close friends with Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO operative. During Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, there was controversy because the Los Angeles Times refused to air a tape showing Obama toasting Rashid Kalidi. Obama and Ayers Funneled Cash through the Woods Charitable Fund to Khalidi‘s controversial group the ‘Arab American Action Network’ in the amount of $40,000 in 2001 and $35,000 in 2002.

Then of course there is the claim that Ayers wrote Obama’s Memoir ‘Dreams From My Father’. Even Trump was on record making that claim, and Ayers himself admitted it saying “Here’s what I’m going to say. This is my quote. Be sure to write it down: ‘Yes, I wrote Dreams From My Father. I ghostwrote the whole thing. I met with the president three or four times, and then I wrote the entire book.’” Supposedly Ayers was just baiting the right-wing media by making this statement, but we felt we had to include this as the truth is still out there to further explore.

How do you think Obama first came into contact with Ayers? Obama’s first public speech at Occidental College in 1981 was at an event sponsored by the ‘Students for Economic Democracy‘ a branch of the ‘Campaign for Economic Democracy‘ (CED). CED has it’s roots with the Students for a Democratic Society, and as we’ve explained above, was the precursor for Ayer’s Weather Underground. It has long been suspected that Obama has been a crypto-radical socialist/communist for a very long time. Hopefuly you now have a clearer picture of who he is by affiliation alone.

Bonus: In a New York Times interview — coincidentally published Sept. 11, 2001 — Bill Ayers was quoted saying “I don’t regret setting bombs, I feel we didn’t do enough.”

Ayers’ Connection with Antifa

Bill Ayers is involved in the leadership of ‘Refuse Fascism‘. Bill’s name has now been scrubbed from the ‘list of initiators‘ on their current website, but on the internet nothing is every truly deleted.

‘Refuse Fascism’ is one of the main Antifa groups in the U.S.. They’re also an offshoot of the Revolutionary Communist Party. In 1974, Ayers co-authored a book titled ‘Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism’, which included the statement: “We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build the new society.” In 1975, Bernardine Dohrn, who later became Ayers’ wife, made a similar statement in a Weather Underground magazine stating: “We are building a communist organization to be part of the forces which build a revolutionary communist party to lead the working class to seize power and build socialism.”

Bonus article that implicates celebrities with this Communist Antifa organization.

From Variety January 4, 2017

Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Joe Dante, and Ed Asner are among the celebrities who have signed on to an anti-Donald Trump effort calling his pending presidency “illegitimate” and for a month of resistance to stop what it sees as a move toward fascism.

The group published a full-page ad in the New York Times on Wednesday with the headline, “No! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America.” The showbiz signatories to the ad also included director Charles Burnett, comedian Margaret Cho, playwright Eve Ensler, musician Wayne Kramer, director John Landis, actor Michael Shannon, musician Michelle Phillips, actor David Strathairn, and director David Zeiger.
[…] The group’s initiators include Bill Ayers, jazz musician Ted Sirota, musician Arturo O’Farrill, and Cornel West.

Now do you understand why celebrities have recently been pouring out cash to bail out the ‘protesters’?

‘Refuse Fascism’ is also funded by progressive charity ‘Alliance for Global Justice‘. This organization is in turn funded by George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation and also the Soros funded Tides Foundation.

‘Refuse Fascism’ has been credited with taking down Milo Yiannopoulos events at Berkley, and have instigated violence at other events.

Following the incidents with Milo, the writer of The Anti-Fascist Handbook, Mark Bray, who was also a Dartmouth University professor, defended Antifa’s violent tactics in an article for The Washington Post saying: “Its adherents are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists” who believe that physical violence is “ethically justifiable and strategically effective.”

FBI Investigations Into Antifa And Their Allies

We know the FBI has been investigating Antifa for the past few years. In fact, in our article WATCH CALIFORNIA – The Quiet Take-Down Of The Red Rat Lines, we detail how the FBI was probing an Antifa plot to buy guns from the Mexican cartel to ‘stage an armed rebellion at the border’. This plot not only implicated ANTIFA and the Cartels, but the crypto-radicals ebmedded within MSM and those behind the migrant caravan.

From Fox News on May 01, 2019:

Word of the probe comes after years of the FBI putting greater emphasis on the threat of Antifa activities, with bureau Director Christopher Wray saying the agency is looking into the ideology and individuals associated with the movement.
But according to a December FBI document obtained by the San Diego Union-Tribune, the agency is now tackling actual alleged plots of possible criminal activities that would affect U.S. homeland security.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune article mentioned above:

The Dec. 18 document from the FBI specifies an alleged plan for activists to purchase guns from a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander,” or Ivan Riebeling
When federal law enforcement officials last year began collecting dossiers on mostly American journalists, activists and lawyers in Tijuana involved with the migrant caravan, one part of their investigation focused on an alleged plot by a drug cartel to sell guns to protesters, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigation report…
In March, it was discovered that Customs and Border Protection had compiled lists of people it wanted to stop for questioning at the border. Agents questioned or arrested at least 21 of them, according to documents obtained by NBC San Diego. On that list, Reibeling is described as an “instigator,”

Remember when MSNPC released information about the “U.S. Government tracking journalists and immigration advocates through a secret database”? PEPE farms remembers.

From NBC San Diego:

At the end of 2018, roughly 5,000 immigrants from Central America made their way north through Mexico to the United States southern border. The story made international headlines. As the migrant caravan reached the San Ysidro Port of Entry in south San Diego County, so did journalists, attorneys, and advocates who were there to work and witness the events unfolding…
These American photojournalists and attorneys said they suspected the U.S. government was monitoring them closely but until now, they couldn’t prove it. Now, documents leaked to NBC 7 Investigates show their fears weren’t baseless. In fact, their own government had listed their names in a secret database of targets, where agents collected information on them. Some had alerts placed on their passports, keeping at least two photojournalists and an attorney from entering Mexico to work
The individuals listed include ten journalists, seven of whom are U.S. citizens, a U.S. attorney, and 48 people from the U.S. and other countries, labeled as organizers, instigators or their roles “unknown.”

Remember when a man who identified himself as a member of Antifa, armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, attacked an ICE-GEO Group detention facility in Tacoma, Washington? Well a month later, another man fired multiple rounds at two ICE facilities in San Antonio, Texas. Here’s what the FBI had to say about the Texas attack:

From Breitbart on August 14, 2019:

All the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs told reporters during a Tuesday press conference. He said there is no question that the incidents were each a “targeted attack” that “could have resulted in the assassination of a federal employee.”

The field office director for San Antonio ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations blamed the attack on “political rhetoric and misinformation” from “various politicians, media outlets, and activist groups”.

Those ICE protests were organized by activists called ‘Never Again Action’ and ‘Movimiento Cosecha’ shouting the ‘Close the Camps’ rhetoric started by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Now you might think that these activists could have just been concerned citizens protesting the welfare of detained illegal immigrants. Nope. As we detailed in our article, THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE – Part 2 – Unmasking Synthetic Activism, these activist organizations are are part of a group that trains left-wing radicals. The trainers are affiliated with Black Lives Matter, The Climate Organization – Sunrise Movement, Occupy Wall Street, Open Society Foundation, the United Nations, and more. This is just another part of the propaganda arm funded by global institutions and elites like George Soros.

Antifa’s Connections To Crypto-Radical Democrats in Congress

Now you might be remembering a few videos where the squad was asked to condemn Antifa for their attacks on ICE. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

You might be asking yourself, is there any proof that these freshmen Democrats have ties with Antifa? What if we told you they are funded by the same organizations? In our article, THE NEO-PROGRESSIVE MACHINE – The Trojan Horse Infiltrating The Left, we show you just how tangled the web really is. Their goal is world domination through a multi-faceted approach using policy, activism, and violence to rule over you with an iron fist. These are the crypto-radicals.

The Money Trail of The Green New Deal - How big money and global institutions fund ‘grassroots’ movements to engineer a false reality. By Centipede Nation

These new and young Progressive Democrats aren’t the only ones allied with Antifa. Establishment Democratic members of Congress have also been caught working with members of Antifa. Dianne Feinstein and Tammy Baldwin have praised the work of a violent Antifa leader who assaulted two Marines. Even Sherrod Brown and Maxine Waters were caught pictured alongside this violent radical. This Antifa Member, Joseph Alcoff, also ran Smash Racism D.C., that led the aggressive demonstrations at Tucker Carlson’s home and chased Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant.

So why did these Democrat members of Congress praise this Antifa Member? He helped write financial regulations with them. According to Washington Examiner on February 20,2019:

… as campaign manager at a liberal “consumer advocacy” group called Americans for Financial Reform, or AFR, Alcoff reportedly helped the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, draft financial regulations which have had a harmful effect on consumers and small businesses. In fact, he sat in on three meetings with former CFPB Director Richard Cordray to discuss rule-making.

A more intimate connection with Democrats and Antifa can be seen with Democrat Senator and Former Clinton VP running mate Tim Kaine. Kaine’s son is a member of Antifa who was arrested after he participated in a violent disruption of a pro-Trump rally in Minnesota.

A recent example of Democrat/Antifa involvement comes from Former Obama Intelligence Official, Salmah Rizvi, who worked in both the Departments of State and Defense. Rizvi received a law scholarship from the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans. Paul Soros is the now-deceased older brother of George Soros. In the past few days Rizvi helped secure bail for her “best friend”, molotov cocktail-throwing NYC human rights lawyer, Urooj Rahman.

Then we have the Democratic Socialists of America that was founded by veterans of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). They claim to have over 75 members elected to local, state, and national office, and have a program to help their members become teachers, and community organizers, and openly admit that they want to take over America.

Trump’s Art of War Against The Radical Left

Since Trump became president, Antifa has become stronger and well funded, while successfully convincing the uninformed and impressionable that their goal is a noble one based on their name “Anti-Fascists”. But Antifa’s definition of fascism has been over-abused and bastardized to the point that it doesn’t just include neo-Nazis, but anyone who opposes their totalitarian worldview – a manipulative tactic they’ve been using on their own people since their inception. And just like the supposed “fascists” they are fighting against, they contradict themselves by using the same tactics from real fascists like Mussolini. Remember, Mussolini once said, the ideology of fascism is “everything in the state and nothing against it,”, basically total government control. Like all other Authoritarian leaders, Mussolini pushed for ‘progressive taxation’ to help enlarge government which would lead to the collapse of the capitalist system, thus the state taking full control.

This is the opposite of Trump’s presidency, which is characterized by a downsizing of the state. Trump’s historic tax cut legislation which included new Opportunity Zone Incentives to promote investment in poor communities across the country, plus his regulatory overhaul, has benefited all Americans, but in particular the Black community with the fastest increase in employment in more than 50 years. So basically Trump is the complete opposite of a Fascist, giving even Democrat moderates the opportunity to see through Antifa’s false narrative.

Trump Deceiving The Enemy

Now with these latest riots, things seem to be coming to a head. Trump has classified Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization while AG Barr has stated that 56 regional FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces would be used to identify criminal organizers and instigators to help coordinate federal resources with state and local partners.

While trump was distracting the media by shuffling a couple of military units around, Trump and Barr were coordinating with multiple federal agencies by setting up tactical units around the nation. As per Barr’s news conference, the DOJ has deployed all available law enforcement components for this mission, including the FBI, the ATF, the DEA, the Bureau of Prisons and the US Marshal Service. During the press conference, the directors from these federal agencies stepped up and explained how they are taking their tactical units to track and arrest the violent radicals.

The one thing that the globalists wanted, was to bait Trump to enforce Martial law. This was obvious to anyone who was paying attention. This would have canceled out the constitution and all our rights, thus giving the Democrats a narrative on a silver-platter that exposes Trump as ‘literally Hitler’. Here’s the thing, Military intervention requires the permission from State Governors and City Mayors. When it comes to Federal Agencies, they don’t need any permission. As soon as Antifa started attacking Federal buildings and Trump classified them as a Domestic Terrorist Organization, all bets were off. As Barr explained at the conference, the fact that violent radicals attacked federal property, even going as far as killing a federal agent, it is Barr’s duty to take action using his capacity as the head of the DOJ to squash these mobs.

So basically, the insurrection Act dangled by Trump, was just a dog and pony show used to keep the Democrats and the fake news media occupied, while they positioned their assets across the nation.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ― Sun Tzu

This post only scratches the surface of these crypto-radicals and their organizations that have weaved a tangled web. We encourage all our readers to keep researching and calling out these bad actors seeking to bring down our great republic.

Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. And as always, God bless America and long live the republic.
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