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🔴 HIGHLIGHTS From Arizona Senate Hearing on Election Audit: Hacking, Broken Chain of Custody, Thousands of Ballots Missing Records of Origin, and More…

HIGHLIGHTS From Arizona Senate Hearing on Election Audit


  • All admin accounts shared the same password.
  • 37,000 failed login attempts using a blank password was recorded.
  • Confirmed registration server hacked.
  • If registration server also had access to the internal network (same network as voting machines), they easily could have been compromised also, because…
  • Voting machines had not received operating system updates since 2019.
  • Routers were part of the court ordered subpoena, but county refused to hand them over.
  • County also refused to provide Splunk logs. Splunk is just a storage and index location for all the logs in aggregate form. This would include logs from the individual voting machines and the routers. This would help them confirm if voting machines were hacked in the registration server hack.
  • Voting machines are running Windows.
  • Offset margins on ballots for scanning by 1900%. Average offset margins 1,350%; the highest offset by 3000%. Each of these misaligned ballots could have bubbles from the opposite side of the ballot ‘bleed through’ and force adjudication or ‘over votes’ to be tallied. This speaks to why sharpies were handed out.
  • 168,000 “thin paper” ballots found (From where?).
  • 74,243 Ballots with no records of where they came from.
  • 11,326 voters NOT on voter rolls on November 7, but WERE on the voter roll on December 4, and were marked as VOTED in November 3 election.
  • 3k voted from mail-in after deadline.
  • 18k voted in election but showed up as removed after election.
  • Maricopa has not turned over mail-in envelope images needed for signature checking.


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