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Red Pilling  – A General Guide to Enlightening People by Centipede Nation

Chapter 1: Tactics – Techniques – Procedures

Sometime soon, a friend or a family member is going to approach you and discuss what they are seeing in the news.
The following post will give you some effective tactics to help red pill them and wake them up to the current state of our reality.

Ask, Don’t Tell

The Socratic Method of questioning is used as part of the awakening process. Using questioning to pursue thought, enables a person to explore complex ideas, opens up issues and problems, uncovers assumptions, concepts get analyzed, and gets them to the truth.

Because the person searches for the answers themselves, they are more likely to believe it.

This method will bypass cognitive dissonance!!!

Open Minds Gradually

Coax them in the right direction. The last thing you want is to bludgeon them with too much information. This will traumatize them and they will lose faith in anything else you say to them. Focus on things that won’t scare them off.

Here is a list of things NOT to bring up (some of these we do not endorse, they are just examples):

  • Aliens
  • Chakras
  • Energy Fields
  • Religions/Pantheons
  • Moloch/Satan/Saturn
  • Hollow Earth
  • Metaphysics
  • Chemtrails
  • Crop Circles

Here is a list of red pills that are easy to swallow:

  1. Elites blackmail people to do perverse things so they can have dirt on them to keep them in line. Dirt can be sex, fraud, corruption, etc.
  2. Elites have the best medical technology. They think that harvesting young blood can help extend their lifespan, and improve their health. Here are a few examples: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.
  3. Elites have everything they can dream of. Where do people who have everything get their thrills? Taboo and perverse activity.
  4. The CIA is corrupt. The CIA funds itself using criminal activity in the drug trade, and sex trafficking – yes, even of children.


These messages have a higher chance of reaching more people without being dismissed outright.
Use persuasion words like: dark, perverse, sick, depraved; you don’t have to say that Hillary worships a bull-shaped demon creature.

Podesta Art Shock Method

Explain the existence of a child abuse trafficking network tied to Hillary, Podesta, etc. Then right when you see the look of disbelief, tell them to Google “Tony Podesta art“.
They will have no choice but to be disgusted and will be more inclined to believe anything else that you tell them.


Start small. Remember, people need to find the truth themselves with as little help as possible. This is paramount.

Ease them into it using memes

If you want to use memes to red pill, there are a few ways to do this.

  1. Humor
    Comedy just sticks. Most people browse social networks for the funny memes. This tactic works best when you hijack something universally known, or actual/big events.
  2. Mystery
    Question the viewer. Sometimes literally, but visually is best. You need to make people think they found out something themselves in the big sea of the internet. It’s the best way to plant an idea.
  3. Shock
    Sometimes a scary or shocking meme is what is needed to get people thinking. We’re not talking gore here, but more like the Marina Abramovic spirit cooking and/or Podesta art are good examples.

There are a lot more ways to red pill through memes, but subtlety is the key. When one combines all of the above in the correct way, your meme might even go viral.


There are plenty of ways to create a meme, but if you’re ever in doubt, repost. There are plenty of memes available, find something that you find interesting and repost.

Recipe to Red Pill Women

Start with something easy to swallow:
Have you heard of NXIVM?
Did you know there are politicians, billionaires, actors, and others that are/were involved in this sex cult?
Did you know that the father (Edgar Bronfman) of the financier of NXIVM has deep ties to the Clintons?

Now get more personal:
Have you noticed that many people in Hollywood are getting called out for sexual harrasment lately? Executives, Producers, Actors etc…?
Have you or anyone you know been of a victim of sexual harrasment?

Go into proven history and current events:
This reminds me of the … Franklin scandal, British scandal, Belgium scandal, etc.

Gently lead them into the rabbit hole:
Have you seen Wikileaks? Seen Podestas art? What is spirit cooking?
Leave them to think for awhile. Then direct them to the Centipede Nation.

Communication Tactics

  1. Shut up and let the others talk
    Recognize repeating patterns, highlighted views, personal opinions. Learn to listen to EXACTLY what was said.
  2. Choose how to interact.
    • Only listen (to get information).
    • Raise your voice (to pass information).
  3. Decide how to communicate
    Know your enemy and/or opposition. Depending on who you’re dealing with, you need different ways of communication.

    • Emotional
    • Controversial
    • Understanding
    • Helping
    • Distracting


Try shifting the topic to general behavior morals and point out wrongdoings that this individual would agree on.

4 Ways To Steer The Conversation

  1. Decide if you want to lead into another information part (from personal to political stuff).
  2. You can do that by either using positive or negative responses. Use what resonates. Pushing to or against a certain topic.
  3. Learn to be patient!! If you don’t want to take sides, stay “neutral”.
  4. As always, use small steps to create less opposition or big ones to create irritation.

Breaking Down Hardcore Normies/Leftists

An aggressive method to use in some rare cases:

  1. Find out the core belief of your opponent.
  2. Find out the weak spot.
  3. Use your higher knowledge/wisdom to expose their weak spots.
  4. Use irrefutable facts.
  5. Stick their nose in it.
  6. Watch them get angry.
  7. Know the seed has been planted.
  8. They will try to disprove you but won’t be able to.

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